//Twelve (12) Reasons Why You Should Choose Highland Park

Twelve (12) Reasons Why You Should Choose Highland Park

Twelve (12) Reasons Why You Should Choose Highland Park

Highland Park is a community famously known as a wealthy enclave that is continuously becoming wealthier the entire time. It is the small-town magic and some of the best schools that magnetize residents to its green streets lined with amazing sophisticated properties. About five (5) years ago, the estimated population is a little over 9000. The density of the population is around 4105 residents per square mile. About eight (8) years ago, there has been a steady increase in population pegged at 3.8%.


Highland Park is an independent municipality that supplies access to all the benefits of Dallas’ other locations with far lesser disadvantages. Listed below are some of the reasons why you should choose Highland Park:


  1. The Tax Rates. One of the most beautiful things about living in Texas is the low tax rates, and Highland Park is one of them. The resident is exempt from income tax, paired with the effectively low corporate tax rates. That is why huge corporations are starting to move their Headquarters to Texas in the present. Well, the property tax in Highland Park is a bit above the median, but still within the overall cost of living.


Also, students living in Highland Park attend schools maintained by two separate school districts. Since tax rates vary from these school districts, the real estate property taxes of Highland Park range from about 2.09 to 2.17 percent in terms of tax appraisal value.


  1. The Housing Industry. The average cost of property in Highland Park is about a million dollars. While appreciation of property in Highland Park in the last decade has been a staggering 7.3%. This simply means that property owners are sure to obtain a return on investment if they want to sell their property. On the other hand, in terms of rental charges, the average monthly rental cost is around $2000. A little over the country’s average, but still within the range of Texas and DFW as a whole.


Single Family properties. These are properties identified as one separate unit by the United States Census Bureau, which accounts for almost 80% of the residences in Highland Park. A single-family home average price for the property is about $1,410,000.00 and ¼ of that has been constructed for the past twenty-five (25) years or so. More than half of these properties are more than fifty (50) percent. And about two (2) percent of Highland Park housing units have been built since 2014.


Construction of New Properties. There is presently very limited construction of new property present in Highland Park. However, there are honest-to-goodness properties that are practical enough to be flipped, still, at a very affordable price, guaranteed. One can still obtain a significant amount of money


  1. The community. One of the biggest reasons to live in Highland Park is its amazing neighborhoods and they are a great place to jumpstart your search for the ideal property. The community boasts exceptional location amenities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, Library Country Clubs, parks, and a lot more.


  1. The Cost of Living. The average household income in Highland Park is about $195,000 annually, especially when compared to the United States Average of about $54.000 annually. Talking about high average income is the high cost of living which is practically a bit higher than the state average and almost double the United States average.


  1. The Economy and the probability of Jobs. While a bit higher compared to other cities in Texas, Highland Park still has a stellar unemployment rate of 3.7%. A rate lower than the United States average. The job market is slowly appreciating for the last ten (10) years with a tremendous 4% increase in 2019. Now, 2020 is an exemption because of the pandemic but the growth is anticipated to continue for the next ten (10) years.


  1. The Weather and Climate. Just like the entire state of Texas, Highland Park is famously known for its sub-tropical climate. Texas has an average of 229 sunny days in a year. The United States has an average of about 200 days and a couple of inches of snow annually. Highland Park is an excellent climate for sun lovers all year round.


  1. The commutes. You can reach downtown Dallas in about thirteen (13) minutes without traffic and bout thirty minutes to DFW International Airport terminals smoothly. You can reach Dallas Business Center for about fourteen (14) minutes.


  1. The Education System. The School District in Highland Park is famous with an average annual spend per student hitting almost twenty (20) grand which is a bit high as compared to the United States average of about twelve (12) grand. While universities and colleges are not available in Highland Park, the city is very close to a lot of universities in the DFW area such as South Methodist University, Dallas Baptist University, University of North Texas, Dallas, and Southwestern Medical Center.


Verily, Highland Park Public Schools rank third among 2019 Dallas suburbs with the most excellent public schools as well as its principal high school, the Highland Park High School. It also coveted the prestigious best open enrolment high schools in the DFW metroplex.


These public schools are not only the best in the DFW metroplex but the whole of Texas.


  1. The Crime Rate. With a crime rate that is 15% lower as compared to the state average. Appealingly, the violent crime rate is pegged at 90% lower as compared to the Texas advert, and the national average is pegged at 89%. Further, the property crime rate is about a fifth lower as compared to the United States average.


  1. The Shopping. Highland Park is the place for the oldest outdoor mall in the United States. Rich in history, it is also one of the most amazing shopping areas in the DFW community if you are looking for luxury products and high-end designer labels. The luxury stores entice a lot of tourists and residents every single day. Shopping centers such as the Highland Park Village, Galleria Dallas, Snider Plaza, and NorthPark Center will welcome everyone wholeheartedly.


  1. The Dining. No matter what food you want to grab, you will surely find it in Highland Park Village. With a wide array of top dining places, such as Café Pacific which caters to seafood, and Patrizio’s which specialized in Italian food, there is a great chance that you will find something that will satisfy your taste buds. Not only that, Al Biernat, a symbolic world-famous restaurant is located in Highland Park.


  1. The Outdoors. One of the most enticing factors of Highland Park is its beautiful parks and picturesque outdoor locations. Cast with swan ponds, walkways, fountains, and lawn tennis courts, Lakeside Park is a favorite location with locals. It showcases an extraordinary and impressive collection of granite teddy bears.


Highland Park is an upscale community that caters to families who loves the best of both worlds. If you are eyeing to purchase a property in Highland park, contact us today.


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