//Thirty (30) Fun Facts to know before moving to Garland, Texas

Thirty (30) Fun Facts to know before moving to Garland, Texas

Thirty (30) Fun Facts to know before moving to Garland, Texas

Garland was founded as a chiseled pioneer town in the year 1891. Garland Texas has evolved into a huge city with Texas-sized occasions. The city is just located up on the right side of Dallas. In other words, it is just a stone’s throw away. But it feels a world away. Garland is recognized as a culturally rich city with abundant history, urban beauty, natural resources, and the unadulterated Texas charisma. Let us take down the picturesque lane to give your imagination the chance to lead you to some of the best Texas art scene and shopping, amazing outdoor recreation, and a bunch of special community activities.


Since then, Garland has evolved into a metropolitan location that showcases its businesses and residents an effective way of living at a very affordable and business-friendly rate. When you want to immerse and learn more about its culture, you can visit the Landmark Museum and the Heritage Crossing. Discover the Downtown area which is registered in the National Register of Historic Places together with Travis College Hill Historic District. Garland has a total package made just for you. We have listed some of the newsworthy reasons why one should move to Garland, Texas:


  1. Amenities are booming in Garland. Garland is welcoming new amenities for the entire community. Some already opened this year such as the off-leash dog park and the new playground equipment. Street improvements are also apparent. A square Plaza Venue is about to be added this year together with the new aquatics amenities, library maker spaces, bike and hike trails, improvements in recreation centers, and many more. This will be the plan for the next four (4) years for residents to enjoy together with their reinvestment in the transportation corridors as well as utility infrastructure.


  1. Lake Ray Hubbard says it all. It is so gorgeous. This lake supplies quite a stunning backdrop for Garland as well as the nearby areas. But the lake is not just easy on the eyes, it is also perfect for outdoor and recreational activities. Kayaking, windsurfing, boating, and skiing are all famous for the serene waters of Lake Hubbard. It is also an attraction for anglers eyeing to land catfish and bass.


  1. Excellent value of homes. One can simply afford a property in Garland, while still savoring great amenities, community, and great schools. To tell you the truth, Garland has placed third in the United States as the best place to live if you are trying to save a significant amount of money. Said survey was commissioned by GoBankingRates.


  1. Beef is excellent in Garland. It is a bit complex to go wrong with a barbeque in Texas, specifically in Garland. However, there is one thing to keep straight; It ain’t beef that dog will not hunt. Meshack’s barbeque shacks, Garland’s very own beef barbeque, is recognized as the best barbeque in Texas. All you have to do is to follow the smoke and you will locate it. Here, simplicity is beauty. The brisket is smoked with the use of pecan wood and pairs perfectly with their potato salad and baked beans.


  1. Texas Barbeque Places. There are a lot of hot spots for Texas barbeque in Garland, but a legit Texan knows there is no better kitchen than your kitchen at home. In the city of Garland, that means getting meat at David’s meat market.


  1. Best City to settle for millennials. Garland has a low unemployment rate, low cost of living, and excellent opportunities for job growth in the future. The homeownership rate for millennials has increased to 8.8% as compared to the year 2020.


  1. There are flying saucers in Garland. Whether you are looking for a location to rest or a place to stir your ideas and imaginations, Lake Flying Saucer is Garland’s primary location to spend good times. The saucer is famous for a broad tap list, and what better way to enjoy a cold beer coupled with the great picturesque scenery of the lake.


  1. Turkey is everywhere even though it is not Thanksgiving Day. The terms “turkey season” get a bit of elder in Garland irked up. Camo is a year-round event, but when those gobblers are summoning the town is abuzz with hunters preparing from getting their decoys and calls in ensuring their licenses are in order and gathering ammunition.


  1. Food Trucks is a thing of beauty in Garland. Babe’s chicken assault vehicle, Miss Beulah Belle, makes each food truck in the United States chills on its heart. Showcasing Texas’s finest fried chicken, Babe is a home cooking done extravagantly right. Their menu is broad but individuals come for miles to lay a hand on Babe’s fried chicken that is so tender and crispy. The chicken will not be complete without the biscuits. With this mouth-watering taste and the density incorporated with honey, you can consider making a full meal out of it. But, you have to save room in your stomach for the chicken.


  1. You are a Cowboys follower if you have high regard for your life. Walking in the city of Garland can somehow give you the feels from a scene in Dr. Seuss’s Star Bellied Sneeches. People always recognize the Dallas Cowboys as “America’s Team” and no one would ever think that it is blasphemy to call them God’s favorite football team.


  1. But there are true cowboys here. Do not get confused. In Garland, there are legit cowboys. These individuals are considered old souls and while they may appear intimidating and uptight, they are far more likely to give their seat for a lady as compared to any city guy.


  1. Small and Small Scale businesses succeed in Garland. Garland’s extraordinary character comes in great part from its small-scale businesses. The Garland Chamber of Commerce and its several partners supply a wealth of resources for businesses regardless of scale and industry. The city is recognized by the United States Chamber of Commerce belonging to the top 1% of chambers all over the United States. The Garland Chamber of Commerce is a reputable advocate for the local business sector. Also, the Dallas Business Journal recently named the Garland Economic Development the top economic development agency in North Texas.


  1. Do not be trapped saying you are from Dallas. Mind you, anything up of 365 freeway is not precisely Dallas. And while you can have a hint on people from out of state that you are from Dallas, individuals in Deep Ellum will be fast enough to correct you.


  1. What a party looks like in Garland. Even though Lakewood Brewing Company has only started a few years back, they are getting somehow special attention while brewing the best beer in town. If you are eyeing to slip on something more casual, Rocky Ryder is the thing to go. It is an easy drinker but bright and sufficient space to keep things in the heat. The Temptress Imperial Milk Stout is bold but smooth and silky. It is pegged at 9.1 ABV.


  1. An abundant Downtown Dining and Shopping District. Downtown Garland retains much of its early 1900s charm while enticing trendy urbanites to shop, live, and play. The city as well as its partners have constructed walkable streets, restaurants, appealing residential communities, and a lot more. It came up with a residential element with transit-oriented apartment constructions that immediately rented out to capacity. In the previous months, Public Art walking and concerts have gained a lot of other residents to participate.


  1. Garland is not just Steaks and Barbeque. Considered the best Pho in the Dallas and DFW metroplex is located in a cozy tiny hole-in-the-wall in Garland. When you want a change for all the Tex-Mex or are eyeing a perfect cure on a hangover, Pho Bang is the place to go.


  1. Tex-Mex Cuisine is a sure-fire hit in Garland. In a state overflowing with Tex-Mex cuisine, you could probably spend your entire existence exploring each part of the globe for the definitive taco at a very affordable price, or you could go to Monterrey’s Taqueria located in Garland. Imagine, for only ten bucks, you can order a pound of barbacoa with a dozen tortillas with all the trimmings.


  1. In Garland, there is Firewheel Coffee that will make you sweat. Firewheel is where locals from Garland acquire their caffeine fix and no one goes home without pairing it with the cream cupcake and homemade cookie.


  1. Excellent families in the Community. Garland is widely known as a great value for homeowners. Garland is also famous for its low crime rate, outdoor sceneries, great schools, and more than forty (40) parks. It is ranked second in Texas and 19th in the United States among the Best Cities to purchase a property huge enough to raise a family. Garland is also famous for its welcoming community and diversity.


  1. The famous King of the Hill made Garland its inspiration. The creator of the famous animated series, King of the Hill, Mike Judge, revealed that he based the series on Garland. Whether he is telling the truth or not, that remains to be seen, but the resemblance in real life with the City of Garland is a bit striking.


  1. You will like it in Nickelrama. Pinball is king in Garland and Nickelrama is a piece of strong evidence that you do not have to rob the bank to spend good times. While the kids are flooding the games where you win tickets, arcade devotees and enthusiasts are roaming around the array of classics such as 10-stern pinball machines. The flashing lights, whistles, and bells are sufficient to bring you back to the past, but do not get distracted lest you miss out on an extra ball!


  1. LeAnn Rimes is a native of Garland. The famous Grammy-award-winning country singer spent her formative years in Garland. The town’s music has taken advantage of its proximity to Dallas and the success of Rimes paved the way for the emergence of new talents.


  1. Fish is not only a noun, it is also a verb in Garland. In the city of Garland, when you give somebody a fish, they are going to have it barbequed. But if you teach someone to fish, they will take the week off from work.


  1. Garland has its city flower. The city of Garland is famous for the Firewheel and the town showcases a special connection for the sunny bloom. You can see different kinds of flowers in the entire town and the fiery bloom lends its name to a classic neighborhood, a golf park, and the main shopping area featuring sixty-three (63) holes to play.


  1. Everything is extravagant in the state of Texas, especially the weather. It is a known fact that rain may not kiss the grounds very often, but when it does, it is big time! Thunderstorms can be powerful and supply quite a picture moment if your finger trigger is quick enough.


  1. Resistol Hat is a fad. In the city of Garland, Resistol has been the go-to hat for almost a hundred years. With this type of headgear, you will surely immerse yourself as one of the locals in Texas.


  1. “Texas Made Here” is not just a slogan. The slogan is not just one, but a state of mind. Garland plays a very important role in shaping the Texas community to become dynamic. You will be hard-pressed to look for another town that exudes what it means to be a Texan other than Garland. The locals are as kind as they are rugged. The food tastes extraordinary yet sophistically nostalgic and the scenery is unadulterated and it simply feels like home. Garland is what Texas is made of.


  1. Great Schools are located in Garland. Garland Independent School District supplies an Extraordinary School selection program and the freedom to customize the education of your kids. With an abundant tradition of excellence, GISD showcases a diverse population that speaks more than a hundred languages, together with technology-driven campuses, Technical education campuses, and some other magnet programs.


  1. A colorful Art Haven. The arts in Garland have succeeded with an array of culturally broad organizations who regularly perform at the Granville Arts Center Facilities. Garland showcases rich fine arts experiences that entice patrons from all over the DFW Metroplex and the entire of North Texas. With the help of the Garland Cultural Arts Commission, community-based historic and arts organizations have met solid opportunities and support to grow. Productive Outdoor Recreational Centers. The city shells out almost 3000 acres for its residential community to engage in recreation, and other worthwhile outdoor activities, and several activities and aquatic centers. The residents committed almost 118 million dollars to Recreation and Parks programs last year.



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