//Thinking of Living in Plano, Texas this 2021? Ten (10) Facts to Guide You in Your Decision

Thinking of Living in Plano, Texas this 2021? Ten (10) Facts to Guide You in Your Decision


Thinking of Living in Plano, Texas this 2021? Ten (10) Facts to Guide You in Your Decision

It is a known fact that Texas is the biggest state in America in terms of area and population. And those who are eyeing to move in the state of Texas will surely like the experience. So if you are thinking of moving to Texas, we have listed ten (10) lovely facts of living in Plano Texas as well as the advantages and disadvantages to mull over before saying yes to the idea:


Texas is ready to offer you tons of extraordinary things depending on your wants and needs, but let us tackle living in Plano, Texas to give you facts into what advantages you are going to reap when you finally reach such a point.

  1. Weather applicable to everyone regardless of age. Each state has its class of enticing weather, and you are going to regard Texas weather like a true treasure for those who love spending their days outside their home like adventures to the lake, going on biking, picnics, parks, having a barbeque with friends and loved ones, and attending all the sporting activities and events that are showcased here. There might be snippets of extremely hot weather as well as the occasional bit of winter snow. But the rest of the year is pretty fine. You just have to remember that August will pass and it is just dry heat.


  1. Employment opportunities await everyone. In a 2019 report, the state of Texas has produced over 240,000 new jobs and it is regarded as stellar attainment as per the Dallas Morning News. A study shows that by 2020, the figures are going to hit the 320,000 marks and making sure that nobody is jobless. Plano has huge employers in their belt including Ericsson, Frito-Lay, Pizza Hut, Bank of America, NTT DATA (formerly known as Dell Services, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, FedEx Office, Liberty Mutual Insurance, J.P Morgan Chase, Toyota Motors North America, and a lot more.


  1. Urban and Suburban Communities for Living. It is common knowledge that Plano is one of the tiger cities in Texas. And because of this, there are a lot of living options. A lot of which is quite a gem. You can live in the suburbs but is quite close to huge estate ranch homes and Oak Point nature preserve, which supplies everyone a tranquil area to enjoy works from home and parks in peace. If you are eyeing to live in North or Central Plano, it would be very suburban in class and the lot areas are a bit smaller, so to speak. On the other hand, if you are eyeing to live on the far west side, there is a fusion of suburban and proximity to the tollway, you will witness a lot of apartment complexes. A lot of apartments are in an urban setting like the Legacy west or Shops at Legacy.


  1. A wide selection of Health Centers and Hospitals. Hospitals are essential in any community in aiding a case of health issues. You will be able to select from Plano Presby, Plano Medical Center, and a lot of urgent care centers/facilities.


  1. An Excellent Education System. Do you know that students have a choice to enroll in either community colleges like Collin college or more commonly known as Collin County Community College, private schools, and blue ribbon private schools? Mind you, the literacy rate in Texas is 97%, which only shows that individuals are interested in embarking and learning in novel things and is faithful in the educational system; that is the most effective investment. Almost 1/3 of the adults in Plano have garnered a 4-year college degree, master’s degree, doctoral degree, and even law degree.


  1. Effective tax and Taxation Policies. Texas has no corporate or personal income tax. The city simply gives freedom for a homestead exemption on its residential property taxes, giving its citizens to obtain the lowest tax rate among the DFW community. A lot of new residents have stated they have saved a significant amount of money when moving to Texas because of their effective policies.


  1. Effective Transportation System. If you settle in Plano, then you will have easy access to DART, bot the right rail system and bus system. The DART Red line ends at Parker road just a couple of blocks near Central Expressway. This is also a portal to Downtown Richardson, Dallas, and a lot more cities because of the comprehensive rail line. Further, Dallas is an efficient hub for accessing the rest of the globe with Dallas Love Field and DFW airport within half an hour of Plano. Lastly, Plano has come up with brilliant urban planning.


  1. A Wide Array of Housing Options. The city of Plano has a selection that ranges from townhouses to apartments, small single-family homes, and big mansions. What we are saying is that there is something for anyone in here.


  1. Family-oriented ambiance wherever you are in Plano. We cannot deny the fact that Texas is a haven for families. Plano is paying close attention to families as well. The city has supplemented a large emphasis on recreation centers and parks making places for families to go out together like in Gp Ae in Oak Point Nature Preserve, Tom Muehlenbeck, Jac Carter Pool like a small water park and the list goes on.


  1. Volunteerism is prevalent in the City of Plano. Volunteerism is a regular activity in the State of Texas and you can be able to spend meaningful time doing such activity.


Moving on, Plano is a city in Texas that covers a population of almost 290,000. Plano is located in Collin County and is considered one of the best places to live in Texas. Living in Plano supplements residents a solid suburban feel and the majority of the residents are homeowners. There are tons of coffee shops, parks, and restaurants. A lot of young professionals and families live in Plano and tend to possess subtle political views.

We have reviewed about seventy (70) places around the City of Plano to specify the most in-demand places to live. You know that a big city is not destined for everyone to settle. But in the same manner, urban areas still have their advantages. There is the arts, the food, culture, the energy, the food, the food, the food, and more importantly, the food. However, there are minimal drawbacks. Traffic is of course, inevitable, parking is another. Other than that, the city is perfectly perfect.

Suburbs, as everyone can see, has all the perks of being in big cities, without actually having to be within the big cities. However, not all suburbs in the City of Plano is graded on equal terms, which is accurately why we have to know the top ten (10) best suburbs in town for the year 2021:


  1. Highland Park
  2. University Park
  3. Southlake
  4. Argyle
  5. Colleyville
  6. Coppell
  7. Highland
  8. Lucas
  9. Prosper
  10. Trophy Club


As you can see, the best suburb for Plano for the year 2021 is Highland Park. This is based on FBI data and the present January 2021 census.



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