I mean, it makes me think sometimes that no one knows how to reflect. Or that I’m just a sick loner?
I’m usually tired in the morning and not very people-friendly. I give myself time to wake up and not feel rushed or stressed to have to do something.
Here’s the picture-I get up, put my workout clothes on, grab my computer, grab some coffee in which I usually put vegan protein powder and a low calorie hot cocoa packe,t and I sit down to type or use voice-to text.

If I can take my mind when it is most creative, quiet with no music, I can sort of do a little self-care and stay tuned into what I need.
I have a personal problem where I like to think into the future, and I’ve been reminded several times to live in the present. Personally I don’t see this as a problem because it’s obvious I know where I’m headed.
Journaling is my way to reflect on or think about the past. I feel like I have the worst habit of taking things as they come my way-like playing defense. If I’m just catching what’s being thrown at me (constant calls, emails, texts, DM’s etc) then there is a lot I’m going to miss when it comes to staying on-track for the bigger picture. This is my way to see things coming, to learn from my past mistakes, and come up with a better plan for the future.

So today, I’m going to just spill what’s on my mind. This partially due to me being on “the beach” and actually blocking my calendar from everything that I “have“ to do.
Again I’m starting to see more big picture clarity.
Now that I have closed a couple of apartment purchases and we have meetings coming up for me to collect reporting, I can focus on what I need to be doing to balance the areas of life.

Here are the areas I work on-
Life Purpose

What I’m going to do

So today for my health-
In particular mental health-though it’s going to be hard to keep this commitment I have a call with my therapist at 11 and I get to talk to her about feeling overwhelmed being in a house with 16 people, most of which apparently really like to party late and stay out. Which I don’t mind. What I do mind is coming home at 2/3 and blasting music because you want to keep partying. It is inconsiderate of the whole house. And respect is big for me. I need help being able to ask for what I want in a way that doesn’t create conflict for the next 3-4 days. Glad that I have her.
For my physical health I kept breakfast light and will be going on a run soon here ALONE as I’m still collecting my thoughts on how to have the conversation about respecting others space. I know what I want but have to have help phrasing it to be better for other., I can be pretty blunt.
Also keeping meals light today and I will be holding off on the drinking if I feel like it. I haven’t made up my mind on that yet, it is vacation after all.

Wealth-normally, as you know I’m hot on the trail of raising money, finding other apartments, closing homes etc. Cool thing about today is that I have a buyer client being shown homes, but not by me, I have rent being collected again not by me, I’ve got two people underwriting a deal for me to review when I return, I have a couple of friends looking to sell their apartments off market where I would bring the buyer, but again, I’ll send that information Monday. There are multiple things in the works. Only thing missing from this category is having a constant flow of leads for off market apartments to buy. I have plenty of friends selling but they have already rehabbed and have made the changes I want done. I need to research a whole list of lead sources on a regular basis. I spent time yesterday putting this list together and now I have to action the items.

When I return I will drive for dollars once per week.

I will set up scripts and action for a new or my current VA to scrub a list of sources for off market sellers. I will come up with lists from MLS for REO, HUD, FORECLOSURE, Short sales (Nicole Espinosa). Make a relationship with a residential broker who can help with my lists,

Ask my partner Steve to help train inside sales people, frost for an act-august first apply for personal and business lines of credit plus chase ink preferred to accumulate points from the bills my apartment manager is paying anyway.

When it comes to family, I have to do something every day for this. Right now, based on the current situation in the legal battle that I’m going through with my family, I unfortunately cannot get into contact with my siblings for example. And Instead of focusing on an area that I can’t do anything about, what I can do is focus on those that love me that you stay in my life, such as my biological dad and my mom ‘s mom who I call Memere.

When it comes to love there are very few people who I say I love you to, but just as in my personal declaration statement, I will love those who matter. And I love them with all my heart. I used to spend time trying to give it to everybody, and now I concentrate on those who at least speak my love language. My love language is access service number one and number two is quality time.

Spirituality is something that I struggle with. I grew up Catholic and being forced to go to mass at least once a week if not twice, and then also going to Catholic private school so what I understood growing up as being ” spiritual” is not now what I believe to be spiritual. I feel like spirituality has to do with your connection to your own spirit and other people’s spirit, so anything that is the forced or kind of man-made makes no sense to me. I have been on a light search for my spirituality. Its obvious this is something I need to make an action item about, so I’m going to do that now put it on my task list. It’s also something I’ll bring up with my therapist because I’m lost.

Here’s for the big one, my purpose. Something that I need to reiterate to myself daily until I have this phrase memorized

“that I stand for independence, that I stand for an abuse free community, that I stands for toxic codependency to be identified and to break the cycle of abuse. I declare that I’m wealthy, I have freedom to do what I want with my time, that I change life’s daily with my abundance! I have loving relationships with those who matter! I am the most influential woman of my generation.”

It always feels so good to say.

Now for the final Bit of my thoughts today I get to talk about what I’m going to do.

Today I am going to help people to realize their true potential, to have self-respect and respect for other people. I’m going to help people realize that freedom from living your dream life is not that far out of grasp by just being an example with what I already do every day.

If you want to grow your potential let me know how I can help, a lot of this starts with mindset clarity on what you want which relates to how much you believe in your value.

feel free to email me Apartmentqueen89@gmail.com

Myself,my coach, therapist, mentor, partners or someone I know is here to support you.

You can also book time on the phone with me if you have questions about how I improved My belief in my self worth which directly led me to where I am now.


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