//Ten (10) best Cities in Dallas To Live In

Ten (10) best Cities in Dallas To Live In

Ten (10) best Cities in Dallas To Live In

The State of Texas is attracting more people “home” as compared before. In the year 2020, more than 500,000 people moved to Texas. The net gain is on the continuous increase each year. A significant number of people are fleeing the State of California for its excessive costs of living. Also, retirees are initializing home beside arrays of attractive Texas lakes. Not only that, young professionals or more commonly known as “yuppies” are fighting the fight with the state’s low rate in terms of unemployment, before the emergence of the pandemic brought about by COVID-19.


Of course, we cannot deny the fact that one of the cities with the ultimate attraction is Dallas-Fort Worth. And for a better reason, there are an array of cities in and around DFW, that simply have it all. Garland, a picture-perfect scenery, Highland Park is known for its class, Carrolton and Garland.


Being in the Real Estate industry, long enough, we have listed ten (10) of the beautiful cities in no particular ranking. We showcase them with a little bit of uniqueness from each location. If you are looking for the best cities in Dallas to live with, we are pretty sure you are going to find what you are looking for in this excellent list.


  1. Garland is considered as one of those picturesque locations that just its shops in sparkling lights and summons visitors and people alike to stay for a bit. To tell you the truth, it belongs in a golden picture frame with its 1900s appeal. This is the location where you will just go far downtown just to stroll, or visit the art museums. Sip on some beer and eat your heart out. Small scale businesses tend to survive in the city of Garland as a lot of individuals like to support shops like them.


There are six (6) recreation centers and more than forty (40) parks in the city of Garland alone. That also includes aquatic centers destined for the entire family and dog parks for dog lovers. Garland is also able to showcase a minimal crime rate and efficient school district. The bottom line is that this amazing city offers excellent value for homeowners. With its low cost of living, you will be surprised that it is just located less than twenty (20) miles north of the city of Dallas.


The average price for the property is about $210,000.00, placing it at a lower rate as compared to the median price in DFW. SO you can just commute to your new job in downtown Dallas and still have a great property situated in this pretty little town.


  1. Dubbed as the “Big City”, do you want to be branded as a full-fledged downtown urbanite? You will not regret selecting a high-rise property in Dallas. This city belongs to some big corporation like Exxon Mobile. There are also heavy-hitter companies like American Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and AT&T. So before COVID-19 hits the world, a low unemployment rate is very prevalent in Dallas. There is also growth potential mixed with a fair cost of living and you got yourself a party!


Dallas is also hyped in the entertainment scene. The Dallas Arts of District is where you will go for dining and strolling. However, the uptown neighborhood is also an excellent location to have a cold drink with friends. Finally, there is almost always an activity, parade, happening, or festival for that matter. Dallas also has botanical gardens and you can easily spend significant time at White Rock Lake Park for some picnicking, boating, and kayaking.


  1. If you have a price in mind and downtown Dallas puts your budget a bit over the edge, we suggest looking at Richardson. It has a fairly–sized population of around 115,000, so you will not feel that you are in an old-charming little city.


The majority of the settlers own their properties which prospectively means they do not mind the long drive heading to downtown Dallas. We cannot deny the fact that corporations are spreading like wildfires and establishing headquarters in a lot of the suburbs of Dallas such as Plano, Irving, and Richardson. So, you have no idea where the road will lead you. But, Richardson is a type of location where you will not mind choosing to be in proximity to your home during weekends. Coffee shop culture is the best in Richardson as well as its resto-scene. Public parks like Prairie Creek Park are also good for outdoor activities. $200,000 is the ideal investing capital for a property Rest assured, you can sleep in peace at night knowing your kids are near an effective school district.


  1. While Frisco is by location, Denton County, and spans Collin, it is still considered as part of the formidable DFW metroplex. Frisco possesses an enchanting “old-town feel” yet it is clean as clear water and producing vibrant colors. Lately, huge corporations have decided to recognize Frisco as their home. And because of it, a growth in the population becomes prevalent. So if you are thinking of moving your children to a town where there’s a high chance of making friends, Frisco should be on your shortlist. Frisco is an excellent commuter town where parents can quickly make their way to Dallas during the daytime and go back home during the nighttime.


  1. Farmer’s Branch. Despite its “rural feels” name, Farmer’s Branch is considered to be one of the closest cities to DFW that possesses a cost-efficient price capital. And because of its affordability, young professionals moving to the city is very prevalent. It is an amazing option if you want to be near the city. On the other hand, with a low population pegged below 30,000, it scatters a bit of that small-town feel which can be great for people who just shell out the majority of their time in the big city.


And talking about small-town charm, during the Christmas season, Vitruvian Park sets itself aglow with thousands of sparkling lights. So for DFW residents out there, you have to make sure to pack a thermos of brewed coffee or hot chocolate when heading towards Vitruvian Park for a legit Christmas feels.


  1. Plano is quite close to Dallas and for a fact, Plano is not part of Dallas County. It is a location that encompasses Collin County, with a little bit of touching into Denton County. However, as soon as you drive within Plano, you will surely know you are there. It is stylishly and gracefully appointed with all the appropriate shops and the right brand names. When you want to purchase a pair of Brooks Brothers pants, Legacy West and The Shops at Legacy are the places to be.


Unlike Farmer Branch, Plano caters to about 300,000 population. So it is a well-established suburb of Dallas. The reason being is that some major headquarters like Toyota and Frito-Lay have set up there. An increase in the job is anticipated to continue to go high in Plano. And given its elegance, style, and beauty, if you have the money, it is surely an excellent place to live, work, and play.


  1. Mc Kinney. Mc Kinney is included in Collin County, a little happy location with a whole bunch of history. To tell you the truth, it was founded in 1848, making it one of the most historic districts in the amazing state of Texas. This is the perfect location when we think of getting a priced antique piece while enjoying the afternoon sun drinking beer or lemonade. You can simply wear your flip-flops since Towne Lake Recreation Area is the best place to be when you want to kayak or paddleboat. With an overflow of nature, it still there just in proximity with major highways that will lead you to other major cities. That is why West Texas is the best when it comes to nature tripping. The city is lush, verdant, unadulterated land so get ready to raise a glass because it is also a home for a lot of wineries like Mitas Hill which is a crowd-favorite. You can sip and order a bottle of Merlot and bite on their pizza after a long day of work.


This is probably one of the best Dallas Cities to move to as it poses a low unemployment rate and high average household income. The city showcases a top-shelf product at a very affordable rate, guaranteed.


  1. Highland Park. Highland Park is dubbed as the golden nugget on this prestigious list. It is not only one of the most prosperous communities in Dallas, but it is also the most prestigious spot in all of the state of Texas. The average income rises over $200,000.00 last 2020 and the average value of the property is pegged at almost 2 million dollars.


It is a perfect beauty, comparable to Plano, and to no surprise, showcases one of the most excellent educational systems. It is in proximity to Dallas Country Club, which is recognized as one of Dallas’ most exclusive private country clubs. At the end of the day, having a Highland Park Zip Code say it all.


  1. University Park. This city borders Highland Park. Also, students go to the Highland Park school district. This city is easy to love because of its exemplary tree-lined streets and vibrant green lawns. It manages to boast one of those small-town feels but also maintains proximity to Dallas. Also, given its nearness to Highland Park, the amazing school district, you are going to pay for this extreme delight.


  1. If you will describe this city in one word, it’s colorful. This is the place when you are in the mood for some fusion of cuisines or some eclectic foods. Al Markaz, an authentic Indian Restaurant is located in Carrollton. Another authentic restaurant, Pho Pasteur II, a great Vietnamese spot is seen here in Carrollton Park Village. Not only that, when you are in the mood for some Jamaican cuisine, you can go to The Island Spot for some legit jerk chicken.


Well, the city is considered vibrant, young, hip, and rich in culture and color, yet very affordable. The best part is, you will not have to sacrifice your safety for affordability. A lot of starting families are moving into Carrollton since they feel invigorated, safe, and close enough to the big city if needed.


Top Lists of Cities In and Around Dallas


Do any of these places near DFW ring any bells for you? As locals who go in and out of these places, let us know if one of these locations captured your heart. Contact us today.


Will it be the grandiose Highland Park? Or how about the picturesque city of Garland? Or how about the perfection that comes from University Park. Whatever your choice is, we invite you to settle in the DFW metroplex and the nearby cities.

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