//Six Things You Need to Find Out Before Moving to McKinney, TX

Six Things You Need to Find Out Before Moving to McKinney, TX

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Mc Kinney, Texas is considered to be the best place as of the moment. If that will ring a bell to you, rest assured that it will be a piece of common information in no time. The town, which comprises of a population of more than 170,000, is considered to be the third in the fastest growing city in the country. It was recently ranked as the best place to move in by the United States Money Magazine. Showcasing easy strategic points to major highways and freeways that link McKinney to the rest of the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, McKinney gives a superb way of living, a broad array of housing selections mixed with a historic downtown area. 


Located thirty-two (32) miles north of Dallas, and fifty-nine (59) miles from Fort Worth, McKinney contributes to the Dallas-Fort Worth area as it continues to grow, this appeal of the community is slowly becoming attractive. And mind you, if McKinney is excellent enough for a person who voiced Wishbone from a titular 90’s PBS show, goes by the name of Larry Brantley and he is a proud Mc Kinney local, well, it is excellent enough for you.  

If you are eyeing of moving to McKinney, we have prepared six things for you to know:


  • You can walk through the alleys of the oldest historic district in the state of Texas. Downtown McKinney was founded in 1848, being recognized as one of the oldest historic districts in the state of Texas. This beautiful area showcases more than 120 shops and a bagful of restaurants and art galleries strategically scattered in the heart of the district. Community events are also prevalent now and then. You can also grab a gourmet pop side and browse antiques and artifacts. It is like literally walking down the memory lane.


  • Mc Kinney is a sunny City.  Well, it is not sunny throughout, but there is a captivating 229 days of sunshine in the city of McKinney. Annual temperatures tend to be excitingly livable. Summer days hitting the low 90s and winter months only touching the low 50s. 


You have to anticipate the low humidity of Texas which does not tend to make things feel a bit toasty. Well, that is nothing that a visit to one of McKinney’s recreational and swimming areas can’t address.


  • Embrace McKinney nature. When talking about swimming, there are numerous aquatic complexes in McKinney where you can dip in the water and cool off when it gets humid. If you want to spend time “on” the water, instead of dipping “in” the water, you can visit the Towne Lake Recreation Area. This 108-acre park is surrounded by a lake where you can rent a huge swan paddle boat and cruise the water. Not only that, but you can also fish, picnic, play volleyball or disk golf. Another worthwhile option is you would like to spend time outdoors is the Heard Natural Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary. This spectacular nature preserve showcases trails where you can be able to acquire some sweats and observe wildlife at the same time. There are also good exhibits where you can acquire knowledge about the flora and fauna that defines the place.


  • McKinney is the Master of the Master-planned communities. If you are still contemplating on what specific community in McKinney will you move, it is best recommended before moving, you will likely select between lots of master-planned communities. There is the famous Craig Ranch community, which showcases about 400 acres of green space with a golf course. On the other hand, there is Provence, a well-landscaped community infused with French Architectural influence. There is also Stonebridge Ranch, which showcases its own recreational area swimming pools, tennis club, and hiking trails.


  • Excellent Job prospects and Low Unemployment rate. McKinney entices a lot of individuals in the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex who are eyeing to commute through highway 121 but is also an excellent lotion to live for those who work within the vicinity. The unemployment rate in the city of McKinney is way below the national average and the median income per household is around $83,257 which is significantly higher than the Average Texas median income and the national average. These appealing figures are hugely the output of excellent job prospects in McKinney. Residents can be able to locate jobs with Raytheon, a United States Defense contractor that employs more than three thousand employees within the area. People can pursue careers in finance, insurance, and healthcare. 


  • Beverage City. McKinney is not all work and no play. The place has a huge amount of breweries and wineries, making it an excellent ideal location to be at the start of happy hour. Whether you want merlot, pinot grigio, porters, and IPA, you are sure to witness a favorite spot to knock back a mug or pint in McKinney. Mitas Hills is a good site for wine lovers. The local winery produces an average of 15,000 gallons of wine in a year and has an array of wine bars that also serve delicious pizza. Another excellent choice is the Landon Winery, a vineyard that is family-owned which supplements good music and tastings. For breweries, you can go to Franconia Brewing Company, a Bavarian-style brewery possessing a Texas charm. 


There is truly more to moving to the city of McKinney. A well-rounded city, with fascinating places to go to. 


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