//Six (6) Things to Find Out Before Moving to Aledo

Six (6) Things to Find Out Before Moving to Aledo

Six (6) Things to Find Out Before Moving to Aledo

When the majority of individuals think of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, they first think of Dallas and Fort Worth. But only a few people know that the area is home to the increasing number of suburbs that offer cost-efficient easy, living access to the huge cities and a lot of their enticing attractions and amenities. For people commuting to Dallas for work or just simply eyeing out to live in proximity to a major metropolitan location, looking for the perfect place is very crucial.


One effective option in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex is the tiny city of Aledo. The laid-back little suburb possesses a population of a little over four thousand two hundred (4200) people and sits on 1.9 square miles of the property. Despite its minimal scope and amount of residents, Aledo offers big time. If you are eyeing to move to the oldest city in Parker County, we have listed few things to know about Aledo:


  • Prototypically, it is a suburban. Do the noise, lack of yard space, and noise in the city make you down? You will surely love the Aledo feels. As compared to Dallas Fort Worth Suburbs, Aledo is akin to a small quiet town that just emerged to be efficiently situated close to a more urban community. Imagine a street lined with houses that are covered by lush green yards and big trees. Further, the majority of settlers living in Aledo are homeowners and not renters. This is a making of a founded and established neighborhood.


  • While it is growing, it is still cost-effective. When talking about homeowners, if you are eyeing to score a property in Aledo, there is no time but now. The population in the suburbs of Aledo has increased since the year 2000 and property values appreciated as a result. The median home price is pegged at $208,900 in Aledo and the average household income is pegged at $83,409. However, job prospects are increasing and statistics have shown that the majority of the population in Aledo is composed of those who are eyeing to start building families. If this sounds like someone like you, you will surely have an excellent location in the family-friendly suburb of Aledo.


  • Excellent Educational system. One explanation for the increasing number of families in Aledo is the efficient school system. The Aledo Independent School District has obtained recognition for its effective faculty and low student-to-teacher ratio. Aledo is placed as the 49th best school district for athletes all over the United States. So if you are the type of person who wants to study hard and play hard at the same time, Aledo educational system is perfect for you. The same has also acquired a citation for high test scores, effective safety for students, and for being a hub where teachers showcase excellent job satisfaction.


  • Smell the breath of fresh air. One excellent thing about the suburbs is that there are parks everywhere. In Aledo, you will have an array of selections between three (3) distinct parks. You can witness Aledo Community Center Park, where you can do outdoor activities such as walking on a trail. You can also play sports like volleyball, tennis, and basketball. The park is also a picnic location for those who want to spend time eating outside. Also, there is Aledo Commons in the Center of town, by which you can witness the Aledo Veterans Plaza. If you want a private, quiet park, you can go to Elm Street Park, which showcases a grassy, sunny location and a bench where you can read a book. However, if you are up for a quick 25-minute drive, you can go to Burgers Lake for a dip in a spring-fed water source.


  • No need to go to the big cities for excellent food. A dine-out in the city for a night out can be a great activity, but in Aledo, there are a wide array of dining selections that don’t need you to pay for parking or cruise the interstate. The locals of Aledo love Aledo Diner for its romantic atmosphere with cozy ambiance and classic comfort foods. For coffee fans out there, East Parker Coffee Company’s decadent frappes and cold brew are here to stay. And if you are looking for sumptuous Texas queso, you go straight to Poquito Mas.


  • Proximity with Big Cities. It is extraordinary how the city of Aledo is close to a lot of exciting and enticing things in the Dallas Fort Worth area. To tell you the truth, Fort Worth is just about twenty (20) minutes away from Aledo. You will get to witness the Fort Worth Botanical Garden, the Texas Civil War Museum, Fort Worth Stockyards, and the Kimbell Art Museum. Try going in another direction for about thirty (30) minutes and you will reach Weatherford, where you can go to the Texas Opry Theater and the Doss Heritage and Cultural Center. And yes, if you are craving some Dallas activity and adventure, the pretty Texas City is just almost an hour away from your haven in Aledo.



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