//Seven Top Reasons to move to Carrollton, Texas

Seven Top Reasons to move to Carrollton, Texas

Checking out the historic Downtown Carrollton in Texas which showcases a plethora of services, shops, and dine in restaurants. An excellent location to check out on the west side of Dallas if you are mulling over in moving to Carrollton, Texas. The Dallas Suburbs is a justification that the community is teeming with new homes, settles, jobs, and an array of fresh concepts. 

Whether you are a local of Texas trying to find a new place to settle or you are making the Lone Star State your home for the very first time, Carrollton is an excellent place to call one. The community, which is situated about twenty (20) miles from Dallas, showcases a rising population of 133,351 residents. The average age of Carrollton is 36, which makes this an effective choice for young families and professionals eyeing to purchase properties or raise families. Curious by the odds of your own Carrollton address? We collate seven top reasons to know about Carrollton, the Dallas suburb:


  1. Others like it hot. If you are a warm-weather aficionado, we have got excellent news for you. Temperatures in Carrollton tend to stay pretty hot all year-round. Spring and fall offer subtle pleasant days. Summer brings scorching temperatures and extreme humidity, while winter can bring you a few chilly days and rare to occasional snowfalls. In the last part of spring, you can witness plenty of rain. Do not worry because you will get through the hot summers in the area. By the way, the hottest recorded temperature in Carrollton was in 112, but that was more than thirty years ago.


  1. Things are growing. Carrollton has experienced tremendous growth over the years, and there is no end in sight. While some people complain that the suburb is getting a bit crowded, we are delighted to share to you that despite such growth, average home prices have been in the reasonable end at about $250,000.000 last year. In the same manner, the job market is increasing in Carrollton. The town showcases an average annual income of about $71,000 and a slowly dropping unemployment rate of below 4%.


  1. Award-winning community. The suburbs of Carrollton ranked as the 24th best suburbs in the Dallas Fort Worth Area. In its entirety, Carrollton was awarded an A Grade. The award-giving body praised Carrollton’s family appeal, nightlife, diversity, job market, and public schools.


  1. Dog-friendly location. If you are a dog lover, you know that looking for a dog-friendly community is very critical. Luckily, Carrollton offers a lot of amenities for you and your best friend. The department of Parks and Recreation hosts an award-winning 5k that you and your dog can compete with other pairs. There are also a lot of dog-friendly restaurants such as the Jamaican Kitchen that serves grits and fish for brunch as well as a taco shop with outdoor dining. You and your dog should be positive in adding the Dog Day afternoon to their stroll schedule. This outdoor festival celebrates canines together with a dog costume contests, a puppy kissing booth, dog psychic, and a parade to close the festival.


  1. Carrollton showcases a family-owned amusement park. Already tired of going to six flags? In the community of Carrollton, you can spend worthwhile activities during summer enjoying the rides at Sandy Lake Amusement Park. The family-operated and owned amusement park showcases twenty (20) different rides, a mini-golf course, a swimming pool, an arcade, and paddle boats. All you got to do is to make sure to check the park online site for detailed information on special events like car shows, holiday gatherings, festivals, and picnics. 


  1. Stroll the historic downtown Carrollton. Downtown Carrollton celebrated its milestone for its centennial in the year 2013. You can enjoy and savor the areas past and present by exploring downtown’s two (2) historic parks while grabbing a bite at a modern restaurant. Dining features include a pizza parlor, ice cream shop, and a wine bar. There is also a wide array of shops to look forward to. After a day of strolling, head straight to the Carrollton Plaza Arts Center. This art deco theater showcases live shows, dance classes, and art exhibits. 


  1. Live nightlife. While it is true that the suburb is a bit laid back as compared to other cities, there are also good dine-in shops during night time, and wine bar where you can live your life to the fullest. 


Truly indeed, there are lots of things that are in store for you when you decide to move to Carrollton, Texas. 



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