//Seven Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Frisco, TX

Seven Things You Need to Know Before Moving to Frisco, TX

In legit Texas fashion, Frisco has its origins in cattle drives. We go back to the day where cattle drives paved their way up north on the Shawnee trail and utilized Frisco as a midway point. The city has evolved and has changed a lot, for the better.


As part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, Frisco sits in the middle of Denton and Collin counties. The city is fast growing and has become an excellent place for Dallas-based professionals to purchase a home, settle, and raise their families. To add to offering big city portals and a small town feels, Frisco has several other features that make it a perfect place to settle. If you are eyeing in moving into Frisco, we listed a few things that you want to know before you pack your things and hit the highway:


  1. It’s a Lake Haven. Frisco is just a breath away from Lake Lewisville. This 29000-acre lake is truly a paradise of Texas that offers sunbathing, waterskiing, swimming, house-boating, and fishing, among other gigs. You can do stargazing, hit some tee at a lakeside golf course, or rent a jet ski or boat. If you like water parties instead of just lounging on the shore, Party Cove is the right place for you. As the name goes, this famous spot on the lake is a live weekend place where individuals dance and party the night away on boats, get wild and wasted. Some other lake options are Grapevine Lake and White Rock Lake. Simply put, you will want to have a decent collection of swimming apparel if you are moving to Frisco.


  1. A few centimeters of snow is a shocker. On hot summer days in Frisco, it will not cross your mind that the place gets pretty cold during winter. Despite the heat, humid summers, and approximately 230 days of sunshine, Frisco kisses some snow in December and January. Yes it is just a few centimeters, but it is sufficient to drive Texas drivers; a majority of which are not used to seeing flakes, crazy. Well, the suggestion is simple. Just stay at home and play with the snow, instead of driving anywhere.


  1. Downtown is life. While it is true that Frisco has one of the biggest shopping malls in North Texas but when you are eyeing locally-owned restaurants and boutiques instead of the usual Old Navy, Gap, and the Banana Republic, you have got to go downtown Frisco. The classic area showcases unique boutiques such as Lone Star Trading Company and Bittersweet Ivy together with hip coffee shops and even a curated popcorn stand.


  1. Train Aficionados will love this. If you love trains, then you will surely love Frisco. The city pays homage to the rich history of railroads and trains at the Museum of the American Railroad. It was founded in 1962 as it showcases railroad memorabilia and artifacts. It also explains the history of the locomotive in the United States. It is a great place to take your children or spend a worthwhile weekend afternoon learning the world and history of railroads.


  1. Family-friendly location. If you are eyeing to building a family, you will be hard-pressed to look for an efficient community in Frisco. The Frisco Independent School District is ranked as one of the most excellent school districts in Texas. It showcases a 15-1 student-teacher ratio together with above-average test scores. To add to the superb school district, Frisco is also recognized as an efficiently safe city. To tell you the truth, it was ranked as the 14th safest city all over the United States.


  1. Frisco is a sports haven. Many of us did not know that Frisco is home to “seven” professional sports teams. Well, of course, you know about the Dallas Cowboys. The training ground is in Frisco. Another one is FC Dallas. They are also Frisco-based. Frisco is also home to Frisco RoughRiders, an MLB Class AA affiliate, the training arena of NHL’s Dallas Stars, MLL’s Dallas Rattlers, and the professional football team indoors. There is also the Texas Revolution and NBA G-league affiliate, the Texas Legends. Whatever sports you prefer and enjoy, you can find it here in Frisco.


  1. A good place to try frozen Margarita from the place that enhanced it. If you are a margarita lover, you should enjoy it frozen from a machine. There is Mariano Martinez to say thank you. And if you have not, you better move to the Frisco Center of Hacienda Mariano. The restaurant is recognized for not only inventing but enhancing the first frozen margarita machine in the world. Mind you, the original has been inducted in the year 2005 into the Smithsonian. It is your responsibility as a local to go and dive with the freshness of margarita coupled with some sumptuous Tex Mex cuisine.


Truly indeed, Frisco has a lot of things to offer.


If you are looking to move to Dallas Texas and need an expert to help you find the right neighborhood, contact us today at ReByKaylee.

If you are looking to move to Dallas Texas and need an  expert to help you find the right neighborhood, contact us today at ReByKaylee.

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