//Relocation of Business During Pandemic: Some Corporate Headquarters are Considering Dallas!

Relocation of Business During Pandemic: Some Corporate Headquarters are Considering Dallas!



No less than the Dallas Regional Chamber stated that relocation is possible for businesses’ corporate headquarters and regional offices in North Texas especially in times of this pandemic.  The Senior Vice President of Economic Development for the Chamber, Mike Rosa, stated that there are around twenty (20) projects in the manufacturing industry and all of it has corporate headquarters and offices. 


It was a known fact that half of these stated projects came in after the pandemic emerges in the United States, at least five of them came in. One of those projects links to a very huge company with about 1500 jobs for the DFW region.  For this specific project, it was said that a campus environment worked efficiently for them. 


According to Mr. Rosa, the chamber came up with a virtual site inspection for the firm with other people in North Texas. Some studies have shown that the Dallas-Forth Worth area has the capability to move amidst pandemic, at the pace of business. Businesses in the dense urban community an in the high tax areas like New Jersey, Illinois, California, and New York are coming up with risk studies of their present operation to be able to prepare and weather the looming condition of the financial industry.  A state like Texas is really contemplating on how much to these businesses continue to put in terms of financial assets and human capital.


Aside from low costs, a plethora of labor force and an efficient business climate, North Texas is also considered to be less dense. It basically offers an array of settings like rural, urban, and suburban. This is because of the fact that supply-chain issues are caught in the middle of the pandemic, some firms are contemplating relocating their manufacturing facilities from Asia to the United States. As we have discussed, Dallas-Fort Worth is very strategic in its location in terms of relocating manufacturing offices. It is continued to flourish and has the proper amount of labor force that can be able to address all industry sectors. Of course, the workplace will also change a bit.


It is firmly believed that several companies will have a change of work measures as some will have “work-from-home” schemes while some of them will still require their employees to work physically at their office. Firms that will relocate will surely have large spaces for conferences, meetings, and bringing people for brainstorming on special projects and less so of putting people in a cubicle. It is also foreseen that there will be companies that will have more locations. Instead of putting the bulk of their employees in one office, they will look for several headquarters and scatter their employees on several different locations.


North Texas has its share of the pie in terms of new corporate offices and headquarters and they help entices other companies as well. Those companies are reflections of their capability to join the realm. It was also stated that the DFW region garnered almost 130,000 jobs last year and it was one hell of an achievement. Texas is number one for that. Actually, the State of Texas was number one for three years in a row for “net job gains”.


Another study was made as to net satisfaction rating of those firms that relocated and it was at high as they were very happy with the outcome. Truly indeed, the State of Texas offers a wide array of lands destined not only for residential but for commercial purposes as well. Amidst pandemic, this is the best time to relocate as the rates are fairly dealt with.

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