//Reasons Why One Should Move to Azle, Texas

Reasons Why One Should Move to Azle, Texas

Reasons Why One Should Move to Azle, Texas

Azle is a suburban community with rural feels and meaningful quality of life. Eagle Mountain Lake is the border that separates it from the eastern side. On the western side, the boundary is the Cross Timbers Golf Course.


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Primary Settlements: Axle is located on Highway 199, about sixteen (16) miles northwest of Fort Worth and the northwest corner of Tarrant County. The town is stretched to Parker County. 1846 is the year of the first settlement in Azle. Other settlers conquer and established themselves in the streams such as Walnut Creek, Silver Creek, and Ash Creek.


Proximity: It is a bonus that Forth Worth is just down the highway and offers the Fort Worth Nature reserve Center and Refuge, Bass Music Performance Hall, museums, malls, and theaters. Azle is a Home Rule City comprise of boards and councils to securing the quality of life in the city. It is a comprehensive service municipality destined to take care of the community and serving the locals within. Cattle and Horses still have a place to roam and flock and property buyers have the option of cheap, new beginner homes over half a million dollars.


Growth in population and its expansion. The population of Azle increases significantly. And by the year 1920, the census recorded a figure of about one hundred fifty (150) residents. Several years have passed and the Highway 34 bridged the gap and connected Azle from Fort Worth. This effectively enhances transportation capabilities between the city and the town. As mentioned, Eagle Mountain Lake was formed because of the Dam on the Trinity River which is east of Azle. In the late 1950s, the village of Azle was later on incorporated as the City of Azle. In 1938, electricity was supplied to Azle and the nearby towns.

The population increases from 800 in 1940 to 2696 in 1960. In 1982, the population is around 5,822. The increase in population after the 1930s made agriculture decline a bit. Fields were converted from corn and wheat production to housing developments. Manufacturing is enhanced, and in 1984 Azle settled twenty-six (26) businesses. In 1985, the population was forecasted to be at more than 7,000.

Recently, the population of Azle has steadily increased from 10,947 in 2010 to 13, 347 in 2020. This is about a 22% increase in about seven (7) years. Despite the increasing population, it is noticeable that the crime rate remained at its low.


Development of its economy. The first post office emanated in the year 1881. The economy of the community is focused on agriculture. Crops such as corn, wheat, cotton, and peanuts were grown. Fruits such as peaches, watermelon, plums, pears, and cantaloupes were also produced. Farming became very essential in the early years during the twentieth century when local dairy products were sold to creameries in Fort Worth.


Safety: Azle is considered to be one of the safest cities in North Texas. It is also tagged as one of the fastest rising communities based on the Dallas Business Journal. It has been recognized for six years now, the crime rate in Azle significantly dropped. In the year 2015, the serious criminal offense tracked and recorded by both the Texas Department of Safety and FBI, was lessened by 6% from crime records last 2013. In the year 2019, the rate is pegged at about 43% lower as compared to the figures recorded in 2013. Some notable firms recognize this noteworthy achievement in public safety by putting the city of Azle on their list of the Safest Cities in the state of Texas, positioned at 25th and 36th place, respectively. Specifically, the Azle Police Department recorded close to around 350 incidents of theft and robbery. In 2019 there were only less than 180 incidents occurred. Burglaries decreased from 104 to 49 in the same year’s record.


The safety officers attribute the success to a more highly trained group of law enforcement officers, citizen’s cooperation, and more importantly, a community-centered approach in terms of policies. The residents enjoy the safe surroundings as well as the educational system therein.


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