//More Than Numbers: People are Important

More Than Numbers: People are Important

Kaylee McMahon 

has a long standing respected career in Texas in the field of residential and commercial real estate. She has been around in the industry for nearly 3 years and owns her own firm www.rebykaylee.com.

But don’t get us wrong, McMahon’s sales success is not the primary reason while people are choosing her. It’s the work ethic that sets her apart from all the rest. She always feels like she has won the lottery whenever she helps people realize their dream of having a nice property in Texas. And because real estate agents seek her out, she has an eye for choosing the best in her team-Those who can work efficiently and can be transformed into a one cohesive unit. Clients feel comfortable asking all kinds of questions; anything under the sun, without strings attached. Agents at ReByKaylee are not the only one who teach, but also learn from our clients. 

When she started her own company, she worked on her own and worked out of her house. And the rest is history. For several years, she was a one-stop shop. Until such time that the team got bigger and more effective. She is the best at coming up with a plan, as the expert, executing and showing the clients the fastest way to get them to their desired outcome, because clients trust her expertise.

Kaylee, as what others call her, always ensures that each transaction documents and closes properly. Kaylee is very thorough when it comes to getting the job accomplished for everyone. She also has good post customer relations.  She is truly one of the best in the business of real estate. McMahon is not a type of individual who looks only at the money that she will earn. Taking care of her clients is her utmost priority as taking care of her team, too. She always gives back to the community by mentoring women to become the powerhouse they already know they are.

Truly indeed, Kaylee is not just a real estate broker, she is a true professional who cares about the happiness and satisfaction of her team and their clients. Professionals maintain calm, patient and reasonable demeanor. She does this and is therefore effective at changing lives. She is always offering to help, and being direct/transparent even when others don’t want to hear the REAL truth behind challenges they are facing.

If you are looking to move to Dallas Texas and need an  expert to help you find the right neighborhood, contact us today at ReByKaylee.

Kaylee McMahon

Apartment investor/ TREC® Brokerage LLC Owner

c: 469-990-4627 (text or call)



IG: Rebykaylee

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