//Five (5) Exciting Ways Women can get into Commercial in Real Estate Investing

Five (5) Exciting Ways Women can get into Commercial in Real Estate Investing

Women should have an idea of the Real Estate Industry lingo, and look for a mentor and connection to become equipped in the male-saturated realm of real-estate investment. This was the statement of one of the country’s top female-owned real estate investment agencies. 

Women are the prime decision-makers when it comes to purchasing their property, but little move beyond a personal purchase and invest in real estate”, says Kaylee MacMahon, broker, and co-owner of Rebykaylee. “They maintain their money in checking or savings accounts instead of investing those funds simply because they are not confident investors and they lack industry knowledge.”

Kaylee McMahon, a broker, and co-owner or Rebykaylee is considered to be one of the most prolific and efficient female-owned real estate firms in the state of Texas. McMahon state- statistics show women feel confident in maintaining daily financial responsibilities like balancing a checkbook at around 69% and maintaining a household budget at around 59%. Statistics have shown that 47% of women have has big purchases like property or cars. 

But only a minimal percentage of those women stated that they had confidence in choosing the proper financial investments. To tell you the truth, only 30 percent of property investors are women and only 29% of women regard themselves as investors at all, she adds. 

And to break this trend, we have listed five (5) helpful tips and tricks to guide women in engaging in real estate investment:

  1. Encourage confidence. Studies have shown that women lack confidence in the realm of investing. You have to learn what your capacities are and what you cannot do and do not take everyone else’s word for it. Unravel the possibilities and the real-world profits investors in real estate are seeing. Learn the trades in residential and commercial real estate investment and try to look at the demeanor of other real estate professionals. Ask yourself “who aligns with my values.”
  1. Connect to look for the best deals. Local Investment clubs, chamber of commerce, Rotary clubs, economic development councils, local real estate agencies, and a lot more can assist you in looking for a perfect investment gig.
  1. Look for a good coach or mentor. Look for a real estate again, counselor, or investor who has a good portfolio in terms of their success in the same market. You have to ensure it is someone who has an in-depth analysis of the market and understands the fluctuations of such. Look for someone who has cost before profit, the period before you truly realized a profit and added parameters required to consider in making the best purchase of your investment property. It is always best to have someone equipped with the right amount of experience whom you can depend on directing you to make the proper decision on a property.
  1. Know the language. Statistics have shown that women drift away from the realm of real estate investing simply because they do not understand the terminologies. All you have to do is to attend zoom meetings or listen to the podcast and read popular real estate news from sources like REAL trends, Inman, Old Capital’s podcast, The Red Zone and Commercial Realtor Magazines.
  1. Start small but think big. Incorporating one rental property within your portfolio every few years can make up for your retirement. It can also aid you in reaching your future financial goals. USE YOUR EQUITY as leverage as soon as possible this is how our other company The Apartment Queen.com gets women into commercial deals FASTEST. Check us out on www.the apartmentqueen.com.

If you are looking to move to Dallas Texas and need an expert to help you find the right neighborhood, contact us today at ReByKaylee.

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