What does the overall process look like from start to close on my next home purchase?

1) Come and talk to me about your needs, goals and dreams for a home, then I will connect you with a mortgage professional who will get you pre-approved for a mortgage.

I will have my clients sign a buyers representation agreement at this time so that I can legally represent you as your agent. You will also get an information about brokerage services document. This discloses necessary information about my brokerage.

2) Once you are pre-approved we can do the fun stuff! GO SHOPPING!

3) We will decide which home you would like to put an offer on and I will draft up a contract based on the type of property we are wanting to purchase. You will review these contracts for earnest money due, option fees, closing dates, option dates, and more. Once you are satisfied with the offer then you will sign and we will send over to the other party to review and sign or counteroffer.

4) Once we have acceptance and execution of the offer (both parties have signed off and a date is recorded) we then need to look at the option money and earnest money due dates. Option money is due in x calendar days from the day after we execute/sign contracts and earnest is due x business days from the day after execution date).

5) immediately we need to have the buyer (or seller if the contract so specifies) order an inspection. We only have the days in the option period to ask for repairs and adjustments from the seller.

option money is delivered and receipted by the seller/sellers agent and earnest money goes to the chosen title company.

6) the title company, buyers lender, and basically all parties involved are then sent a chain email that tells us all about important dates, what paperwork is still missing, what is due and any other details.

7) After contract, earnest, option are delivered the lender then usually goes to underwriting to make sure everything on the financial side checks out ( if they haven’t already). If any documents are missing they will ask for them.

8) Lender orders an inspection to verify the value of their loan based on the property value.

9) After all of the required documents are sent and received we wait till closing day if no other documentation is asked for.

10) You sign for your new home!

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