//30 tips for home buyers and sellers

30 tips for home buyers and sellers

1-Get prequalified first before going to look at homes

2-be realistic when pricing your home to sell

3-Assemble a trustworthy team!  Good lender.  Great realtor! 

4-If the home needs a new roof, don’t pay out of pocket for the full price of the roof. A good agent can help you get roof plus repairs for the price of their home owners insurance deductible. And with the right legal counsel the agent can help you negotiate for the seller to pay the deductible or assign their existing claim before the home trades hands. This trick could save thousands of dollars and potential get the home partially remodeled with cash back in your pocket.

5-Work with a broker – owner. We rebate the seller paid commission with the buyer. This is not a discount for lack of service. Still full service 

6-Zestimates are not real life  

️ only Realtor.com is accurate up to date data from MLS where 80% of homes sell

7-trulia is also not accurate data

8-let your agent know what you DO NOT want in your future home and top 3 must haves to find a home in under one month

9-always sign a buyers or sellers representation form so your agent can act on your behalf and protect you

10- pick an agent who has integrity, we have a code of ethics 

11-With a buyer I think I would tell them not to settle for too many “we can fix that laters” because somehow later becomes 10 years.

12-For a seller – de clutter more than you think you should, do the work of paint touch ups. Buyers will nitpick everything and imagine that any imperfection is a sign of a larger problem.

13- when listing you home you may be tempted to FSBO or sell for sale by owner style. Before doing this consider a few things 

A-One of the largest advantages of having an agent is that they will make sure only prequalified buyers come into the home. This prevents theft, tons of calls to your phone, showing management, and stops time wasters who only want to look.

B- to price your home correctly you must Compare your home to others.

Key is to compare it to homes that have already sold. You must know:

* Square footage

* Number of bedrooms/bathrooms

* Age and condition

* Listing price vs. sale price

* Accommodations

Your licensed agent has access to all of this data to get your home listed as the appropriate price.

14-Understand your local housing market. And timing of the sale.

If you’re in a seller’s market, which means more buyers and less homes for sale than buyer demand (great news!), you’ll be able to price your home higher and make a larger profit at sale.

If you want to list your home in a buyer’s market you will have one of many homes for sale. You’ll likely need to keep your price lower in order to get attention from the lower amount of interested buyers.

15-consider location when selling- if you are on a busy street corner or near a stop sign it will take longer to sell. You must be patient with these kinds of homes when selling, it is very normal.

16-when selling/buying keep your emotions out of it. This is another great reason to hire an agent to represent you. You value your home more than the actual dollar value because of memories. But remember memories do not sell, a quality home does.

For buyers-Remember your agent has a life, calling her about something you are upset with in regards to your loan (for example) at 6/7 am is not professional, and adds frustration to your agent as there is nothing they can do about it. If you don’t like your lender call them and fire them. Do not make your agent focus on more than procuring the perfect property for you. They must focus and stay in their lane to get ultimate results for you.

17-be strategic with your set sales price. If comparable Home sales in your area show that 410,000 is the average pricing your home right at that number may backfire. Buyers will typically offer less than list price. Best idea as with any negotiation is to realistically set with your base bottom minimum sales price is.

18-make sure to ask your listing agent what SEO practices they are using this will bring your home traffic and a faster sale 

19-listing photos- non-negotiable item to get buyer traffic. Your agent should have a plan and resources for this.

20-ask your agent if they have a large presence on social media and if they share your listing there.

21-ask your agent about their open house plan when selling your home. Ask them how they intend to drive up demand and make buyers compete with for the home.

22- if you MUST sell in a buyers market here are 5 tips or resources to get it done 

A-agent needs to start marketing the second the listing agreement is signed

B-broker open houses

C-home tour groups (in Dallas is mls tours)

D-staging is a must

E-pro photographer who does inside photography

F-listing visibility in Facebook market place, Zillow, trulia, realtor.com (automatically get this with new listing)

23- ask your agent to use Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn LIVE videos for listings it will hit the most people!

24-always ask for you agents marketing plan, budget and negotiate how this is paid for during the time you sign your listing agreements

25-always pay your agent. Even if you decide to move to another brokerage for your listing after not having success in selling your listing, they should be compensated for their time. Be fair and take care of those who take care of you.  

26-save a 20% downpayment at your idea price range for a home

27-greatschools.org is a great place to research school districts so that you can tell your agent what top picks you have for schools. This will greatly speed up the process to find you an ideal home.

28-attend open houses before engaging an agent. Make sure you are ready. Then reach out to your contact you trust

29-your agent is not the enemy, you must treat them as an ally and part of the team. Best way to do this is share as much information as possible, but be concise and respectful of their time. Remember they can hustle for you if they are constantly playing counselor over the phone.

30- be clear first thing with communication preferences, schedules, expectations this way your agent can mold their behaviors and communication with what fits you best and what is the most efficient for you.

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