//10 Advantages of Virtual House Tours: You Won’t Believe It!

10 Advantages of Virtual House Tours: You Won’t Believe It!


Purchasing a home is not an easy task; whether you are looking to upgrade
or downsize, or a young family in search for an ideal property. During this
pandemic, the method has become a bit of a complex. And because majority
of the States were/are on stay-at-home orders, open houses were not given the
freedom to showcase the home’s beauty to the prospects. Purchasers were only allowed
to step inside a property after the


the signing of the contract. Those restrictions are
easing now and the State of Dallas has shifted to “enjoy at home”, with virtual
showings now operable.
Virtual house tours in Dallas give freedom for the leads to get a feel of the
property before pending significant amount of money to get to the place. Well,
that is just one of the many advantages. While they have been used by out-of-
town purchasers, virtual tours are slowly getting its place in the prospective
We consider nowadays, that purchasers are a bit hesitant about walking
outside and coming through the house of another and sellers are practically
nervous about the foot traffic entering their prospective properties. Experts in the
Real Estate business boldly say that virtual home tours can be a thing of today
and will stay for a long period of time. This is because of the fact that prospective
buyers will get a good feel of the house before they see it in person. Imagine
window shopping at the luxury of your couch with a beer on the other hand.
There are 3d-tours that will allow you to travel each rooms with specific
intricate designs by clicking around the screen. It is like playing videos. The only
difference is that you might be looking at your future property. This is entirely a
different experience in arriving with practical decisions. This cutting-edge ideas
will helps boost brand awareness and enhance customer service on the seller’s
side. This virtual tour is a way to learn about products and services.


Based on studies, real estate listings that provide this great feature to obtain
up to almost ninety (90) percent more views as compared to regular listings. These
statistics should be the sole reason to include this feature in everyone’s marketing
plan. It is a tried and tested formula to entice buyers and come up with your
business stand out. Especially now that the pandemic is still prevalent and virus is
here to stay, let’s see how virtual house tours work and how they can bring the
goods to the real estate investment industry.
Listed below are ten (10) advantages when engaging in to a virtual house


  1. TIME EFFICIENT. When you are listing a new property for sale to people,
    there is a great chance that you can receive tons of calls from
    prospective clients. Engaging in each of your clients can be a daunting
    task. It can consume your significant hours. To add, some are just trying
    to inquire and not serious on purchasing the property.
    In virtual house tours, clients can witness the property on their computers
    or even on their smartphones. Those who are eyeing to purchase the
    property will surely have a follow up. This will save you enormous amount
    of time so you can be able to pay close attention on other aspects of
    your business.
  2. COST EFFICIENT. Driving to and fro to engage with prospective clients to
    showcase your properties can cost you significant amount of money.
    Imagine how much will you spend on gasoline fuel. You know the irk
    part? These clients are not totally guaranteed to buy. There will be
    instances that some of their preferences may not meet their standards,
    and it is normal. Virtual house tours in Dallas will aid you in eradicating
    these quandaries/ The only thing tha you will do I to upload the tour on
    your main site so that clients can check out the property and both
    parties will not spend energy at the onset.
  3. GENERATE MORE ONLINE TRAFFIC. This state-of-the art technique can
    basically bring traffic to your website. As an output, you will gain more
    clients. It is a known fact in real estate industry that listings offering virtual
    home tours obtain almost fifty (50) percent more traffic and clicks
    compared to those utilizing images. More click means more traffic and
    enhanced sales. Further, your real estate website will rank efficiently in
    search results.
  4. DECREASE YOUR BOUNCE RATE: Bounce rate pertains to the amount of
    visitors who leave a website after seeing only the landing page. Aside
    from posting quality content, you can utilize virtual home tour to keep enticing prospective clients. Generally, virtual home tours would take you less than two (2) minutes. This simply means that visitors will spend more time on your website. So, bounce rate will decrease. Low bounce rates results in obtaining more traffic and modified search engine rankings. Customer retention will also be enhanced and your internet exposure will translate to a better prevalence.


    home tour has a great chance to be viral. People and aficionados will
    share it on social media and will surely tell peers about it. It is a known
    fact that the search engines utilize social media signals as a rank
    contributor. If your website goes viral on social media network, the rank
    goes up on search engines. This simply means that you will acquire more
    traffic and manifest on the top of the search engines.
  2. GARNER QUALITY BACKLINKS. In each time a person shares your virtual
    house tours over the internet, your website will receive a backlink. This
    not only boosts up your traffic but also aids in establishing your online
    presence. Great backlinks are key ranking signal. They can enhance
    traffic and increase your branding.
  3. TAKE THE CUT ABOVE THE REST. You can stand out from the crowd. The
    more links and traffic you obtain, the greater the chance that clients will
    find out about your site. Virtual house tours can showcase a truly
    competitive leverage and make your business several steps ahead as
    compared to others. They will add that wow factor to your listings. To
    add, your trust rating will also increase and some might give a positive
    feedback for coming up with a wonderful idea.
  4. BOOST CONVENIENCE. When you are introducing a property, you have
    to first ensure that the house is in excellent condition. But, it can be a bit
    of a hassle to contact your cleaning agent or ask the property owners
    to clean every time the phone rings. With Virtual home tours, you can
    be able to showcase your subject property in most excellent condition.
    Also, you can highlight its best parts and features to make it an eye
    candy in to purchasing.
  5. SUPPLEMENT A REALISTIC EXPERIENCE. Virtual home tours are recognized
    as steady open house. Prospective clients can access your tour any time
    of the day and anywhere in the world. This feature can aid in creating
    with a solid sense of ownership. Clients and customers who take the
    virtual home tours can practically imagine themselves living in that property


  1. TECHNICAL SKILLS IS NOT MANDATORY. At this point, there are
    companies that easily come up with virtual home tours for the real
    estate industry. It is easy as ABC because your only task is to provide
    photos and videos as well as the plans and specifications of the
    property. They will be the ones to put things together and come up with
    an enticing odyssey. A specialist will incorporate backgrounds and
    musical scoring as well as narration to enhance customer experience
    and reach a level of satisfaction that is excellent. In the end you can
    make adjustments according to the clientele.
    Virtual House Tours in a Nutshell
    In the early years, even prior to the pandemic virtual reality has been around and
    has made a name for itself. This new feature gives freedom for businesses to
    showcase potential clients a chunk into their services and products. But why will
    you shell significant amount of time to convince your potential clients when you
    can showcase a virtual tour?
    At this point, considering most industries all over the globe is leaning towards
    virtual reality in one way or the other. For example, hospitals are doing virtual
    teaching with the aid of virtual technology.
    On the other hand, Real estate agents can take advantage of virtual reality to
    present their property in a creative manner. Say for example, if a client who lives
    far away is interested in purchasing a property, it is a bit easy for him to take a
    virtual tour instead of going an extra mile to go to the property and back. This will
    basically allow prospects to take a visual walk through a property or apartment
    which is for sale. They can check out the details of each corner with just a few
    clicks. This feature offers a more precise and realistic experience as compared to
    just looking at videos and photos. It is as if you are actually inside the house.
    Three (3) things that a 3-d Walk Through Feature Combine with Virtual House Tour
    Can Offer
    Like a 3-d walkthrough, a virtual house tour gives clients a good feel for a home
    without the hassle of going in the property physically. It is basically a virtual
    rendering of the property itself that lets clients to see what it would look like with
    a different fixture, than it has presently has or just a clean render of the entire
    property. The flexibility in its preference can be integrated with a digital home tour for more realistic experience.


A 3-d walkthrough is more than just a virtual house tour. It creates an idea of the
property to scale and give life by means of rendering. While you can have a feel
for a property’s features for a walk through, this 3d rendering will give you a feel
of the area. It is a level up feature aside from virtual house tour, tailored for a
modified purpose. We listed three important things that 3d walk though in virtual
house tour can possibly give:


  1. Giving the freedom for prospective clients where in particular they steer.
    Clients can decide where they want to navigate. A virtual house tour when
    coupled with 3d walkthrough can make the tour in a more realistic feel.
  2. Longer production time. This feature gives your virtual house tour a longer
    stay in your site because the clients itself will navigate the tour, such that
    they will feel like staying a little longer.
  3. You can have an in-depth feel of the interior design. While a virtual house
    tour may showcase a lot of spots of the exterior of the property, 3d walk
    through may pay close attention more on the interior side of the property.
    Moreover, a virtual house tour when integrated with a 3d walk through, act as an
    efficient complementary methods for witnessing the inside and thinking of other
    possibilities for a prospective property. Including them both in to your real estate
    listing can modify and increase your selling rate. There is a great chance that the
    client will not ask any more questions. The advantages for a 3D real estate virtual
    home tours include an enticing appeal at a property that can eliminate asking
    questions related to the same.
    In a nutshell, a 3D virtual house tour is simply the same as a 3D walkthrough.
    The realm of real estate industry utilizes them to present movement in the
    property. A dynamic tour of a house is far beyond expectation. Something in that
    specific space can stroll around and you can see a wide and even a full view of
    the space.
    Finally, when this will be integrated to your marketing plan, chances are,
    you will reap what you so in the near future



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